• White Wines

    The White Wines of Alsace

    Of the seven grape varieties in Alsace, six traditionally produce white wines. Each of them has a specific profile: from the driest and lightest to the sweetest and most aromatic.

  • Red Wines

    The Red Wines of Alsace

    Only red grape variety in the Alsace AOC, the Pinot Noir is recognizable by its red berries aromas, which can come together with notes of vanilla, chocolate or spices. At the Domaine Muré, all the Pinots Noirs are grown in barriques or demi-muid to achieve a subtle structural balance.

  • Late Harvest

    The Late Harvest of Alsace

    Made from overripe grapes, the Vendanges Tardives are characterised by their concentration. Powerful and opulent, their fruity aromas unfold with elegance. A slight acidity balances their sweetness for a rich, voluptuous and subtle result.

  • Selections of Grains...

    Selections of Grains Nobles

    Made from grapes with noble rot, the Sélections de Grains Nobles are remarkable for their highest concentration. Notes of honey come together with aromas of candied fruit in a smooth and voluptuous mouth with exceptional length.

  • Crémant d’Alsace

    Crémants d'Alsace

    Fine and elegant, Crémant d'Alsace is made using the traditional method. Its fine bubbles come from a second fermentation in the bottle. Fresh and subtle, it will charm the most refined palates.

  • Spirits of Alsace

    Spirits of Alsace

    The marcs eaux-de-vie are made from the estate's own grapes. The marcs are distilled in two runs, with only the heart - the noblest part of the distillate - being re-distilled for exceptional aromatic purity and elegance.

  • Grand Cru Wines

    Alsace Grands Crus Wines

    For centuries, the Grands Crus of Alsace have been renowned for their quality and have made their mark over the generations. The wines from these exceptional terroirs distinguish themselves by their authenticity and elegance. They are fine wines, built for ageing and gastronomy.

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  • Primeurs

    Alsace wines en Primeurs 2021

    The reservation of en primeur wines allows you to acquire the most prestigious wines of the domaine at an attractive price. The reservation is made between May and December of the year following the harvest, when the wines are still maturing in the cellar. At the time of your reservation, you pay the price excluding taxes. Approximately one year later, we contact you to schedule the collection or shipping of your wines. You then pay the VAT and transport if necessary.

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Riesling Clos St Landelin - Bio

Riesling Zinnkoepflé 2018

Dry, rich, elegant and mineral. Long-ageing potential

AOC Alsace Grand Cru Zinnkoepflé


Organic Alsace Wine Biodynamic Alsace Wine certified by Demeter

Discovery box

Discovery box

Discovery box : 3 iconic wines from our terroirs

Vin d'Alsace biologique

Vinegar from Alsace

Vinegar from Alsace

La Vinaigrerie des Gourmets is located in the nearby village of Gundolsheim. Our friendship and greed have led us to work together.